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Video of the Week! Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s…


Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s, aside from a mouthful, are an 8-piece hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, specializing in bittersweet baroque pop. If you are not familiar with them, or their inherent struggle with their label on their latest album regarding song selection, they released two versions of their album, Animal! & Not Animal, the former being the album the band wanted to be released, the latter being called a collection of songs as chosen by the label. Quite a shame that bands remain to have their labels pushing for ultra accessible material, ultimately bastardizing the final product. While both versions of the album contain a 5-song overlap, they don’t quite measure up to their energetic and impressive live shows. Check out their performance on Conan O’Brien…



Bon Iver & Lykke Li Perform Dance, Dance, Dance

If you have not jumped on either the Lykke Li or Bon Iver ban-wagon, you are almost a year late. The former with her Swedish pop-princess hipster popularity, and the latter with his infectious brand of brooding with his now staple high octave falsetto, both came together in L.A. to do a low key performance in a park that is just as mesmerizingly cute as it is incredibly fun. I leave you with the excellent rendition of “Dance, Dance, Dance.”

Bon Iver can do absolutely no wrong at this point. Check out both artists’ albums, both of which to make a lot of year-end top 20 lists.

– Ant