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Ben Folds Five Sole Reunion Show…

In what would potentially make many late 20-somethings extremely giddy with glee, Ben Folds Five announced they would reunite, but for only one show. You probably did not attend, as most of us, but now you can watch the concert in its entirety. The show took place on September 18, and the band performed their entire final album “The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner.” The video is full of interviews with bands (including Death Cab For Cutie & Jack’s Mannequin) who were influenced by BFF (unfortunate acronym indeed). Enough clever quips, watch the damn show.

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Bon Iver & Lykke Li Perform Dance, Dance, Dance

If you have not jumped on either the Lykke Li or Bon Iver ban-wagon, you are almost a year late. The former with her Swedish pop-princess hipster popularity, and the latter with his infectious brand of brooding with his now staple high octave falsetto, both came together in L.A. to do a low key performance in a park that is just as mesmerizingly cute as it is incredibly fun. I leave you with the excellent rendition of “Dance, Dance, Dance.”

Bon Iver can do absolutely no wrong at this point. Check out both artists’ albums, both of which to make a lot of year-end top 20 lists.

– Ant

Ben Folds’ New Album In Early ’09…

Hot on the heels of his new album, Way To Normal, just being released, Ben Folds just announced he has plans for another new album in early Spring of ’09. Although, this album will be quite different, it will be compiled from various A Capella groups covering past Ben Folds songs.

Taken from his website:

“I’m making an album of A Capella versions of my music to be performed by the best university groups we can find. This idea was motivated by a number of amazing university a Capella versions of my songs I came across on youtube … I was moved and inspired. Some of these versions were an improvement in my humble opinion and it would be a great opportunity to capture some of this. I’d like to assemble an album of 12-15 tracks. I just need submissions.”

Some of these videos are incredible versions of his songs. Adding more melodrama to Ben Folds is quite a feat. This could be an amazing album when he gets these A Capella groups into the studio. I leave you with a version of “Bitches Ain’t Shit” that will most likely should be featured on the album.

– Ant

Vinyl Lovers Rejoice!

It’s that time again, to recommend some of my favorite new vinyl releases, and this week will be The Botticellis-centric. The Botticellis new album, Old Home Movies, is on my short-list for my top 5 albums of the year; with their beach-side melodies and their relaxing reminiscent style, it is an instant classic. Details below…

“Two Vinyl Releases this Month! OHM 12″ in beautiful blue colored vinyl available now from rocinante records (check our top friends for their info) and…

New S/T 7″ Featuring an alternate/extended version of “Table by the Window” and our cover of George Harrison’s “Awaiting on You All” available now from Bellevue Records (check the top friends!)
We’ll also have both records with us on tour…”

– Ant

Contest Winner Creates New Video For Radiohead

Radiohead premiered their new video via myspace, and as usual, it’s beautiful. The video was created by a fan via a contest held by Radiohead. Thom Yorke had the following to say: “here is one of my favourite video things that has ever happened for “Reckoner” it is, the result of somebody entering a competition to make an animation to one of the tunes on IN RAINbows.” The video follows a lush forest of follicles, with trees sprouting and the eventual leveling to create a cold and self-depleting metropolis, so, home. Check it out below…

– Ant

Times Square: Netflix Movie Marathon Moves In

Guinness World Records and Netflix have moved into Time Square to host the world record movie watching marathon from October 2-7. To break the current world record of 120 hours and 23 minutes, the contestants will watch 56 films clocking in at a little over 121 hours, over 5 days of continuous cinematic bliss. The previous world record holder, Ashish Sharma of India, will be there to defend his title, along with winners of a contest held on the massive social network You would think that such film connoisseurs would be watching beautiful artistic films by Ozu, or cult classics such as Reservoir Dogs or Trainspotting, but so far the popcorn flick lineup has been: Iron Man, Best In Show, Ghostbusters, and The English Patient (wait, wtf?). Here’s hoping they choose some classics, after all, there are 52 films left. Pretty ingenious by Netflix; sponsor a Guinness world record event, and have your company name and logo plastered all over Times Square.

Think you could sit through 121 hours of continuous film for $10,000 and world record fame? I would have to catch a cat nap during the scheduled 10 minute bathroom break in between films.

– Ant