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Orange, Don’t Mock Me

Captain Love Releases September 9th, 2008 on Wednesday Records

Mock Orange's Captain Love will release on September 9th, 2008 via Wednesday Records.

As some of you may know, Mock Orange have been working on a follow up to 2004’s Mind Is Not Brain for quite some time. But due to some label/contract disputes, their new album, Captain Love, was hung up in some cruel limbo. Although, they did release the album in Japan at the end of 2007, leaving us in the Western world in the dust. Fret not! The guys will be releasing a re-worked Captain Love this September, and if the tracks released so far are any indication, it looks to make many year best lists. Also, look out in the blurb below for a big trend in the biz concerning the artists percentage of profits from albums; kudos to Wednesday records.

On September 9, 2008, Mock Orange will release their latest offering, Captain Love, on Wednesday Records.

From the Mock Orange Website:

You can pre-order CAPTAIN LOVE beginning today, July 15th, by going to the Wednesday Records Webstore. Those who pre-order will receive a free poster and button. The CDs will ship two weeks before the release date. It should be noted that the band receives 80% of the profits from the sale of CAPTAIN LOVE so it actually does make a difference to the band if you actually purchase the album as opposed to just pirating it, matey!

The good folks at Wednesday Records will be releasing CAPTAIN LOVE in N. America later this summer. Pre-orders can begin June 1st. Tiger Trap Records will be releasing the cd in the UK and ‘Song In D’ drops as a single, via Tiger Trap in the UK later this month. Also, we are working with Germany’s Mi-Amante Records to get the album on wax. More news on that soon. It’s been a long wait.”

Track Listing
1) Captain Love
2) Song In D
3) Smile On
4) World Of Machines
5) Lila
6) Ms. Brown’s Morning Cup
7) Supergang
8) Motel Man
9) Relax And Degrade
10) Majestic Raincoat
11) Old Movies
12) Beauty Of A Scar (Bonus Track)