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New Watchmen Trailer…

Getting fanboys even MORE excited, a new Watchmen trailer was released via yahoo. Exciting: Explosions, sexy Silk Spectre, explosions, more Rorschach, more explosions. Not so exciting: Dr. Manhattan wearing a mankini. They already apparently abandoned the giant squid, now no blue balls? I digress; at least we are seeing a Watchmen movie get made, finally. I hope this dispute between companies gets figured out by the release date, or you will have many-a-fanboy torching cities and screaming revolution resorting to re-reading the graphic novel.

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Watchman Trailer…

The blogosphere has been inundated with posting this trailer, and we will be no exception; it’s just THAT good. I was lucky enough to have seen this trailer in glorious IMAX just before seeing The Dark Knight (which, if you get the chance, see this baby in IMAX). Listen for perfect use of the remixed Smashing Pumpkins song ” The Beginning is the End is the Beginning.”

[Watchmen releases March 6, 2009 via Warner Bros.]