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Heroes Casting: Seth Green & Breckin Meyer

Seth Green and Breckin Meyer join the cast of Heroes.

Seth Green and Breckin Meyer join the cast of Heroes.

Wait a minute. Heroes, a show with comic book roots, is casting two actual comic book nerds to play, you guessed it, comic book nerds? Yes, yes they are. Scott Evil and that guy from Road Trip Seth Green and Breckin Meyer, who together write the hit Adult Swim stop-motion show Robot Chicken, are inked for the new season of Heroes, playing comic book nerds who will in some way guide one of the heroes, though not having any actual powers of their own. Though, I did see Suresh in a TV spot hold a syringe full of super-power serum (comic book nerds with extraordinary powers? Yes please. It’s only every boys dream). I don’t know if the show needs another comic relief duo, already having our Japanese wonder-boys (yataaaa!), but I will take anything new to shake things up after the sophomore slump of last season.

– Ant

[Heroes season 3 begins September 22, 2008.]


Heroes Comicon Preview…

Heroes: Season 2 releases on DVD August 26, 2008.

Probably the show worst affected by the dismal writer’s strike was “Heroes.” The alternate ending used at the premature conclusion of Season 2 absolutely ground the series to a halt. Aint It Cool has news following the Season 3 premier screening at Comicon about the DVD release of Season 2:

Fans will recall, in last season’s finale (episode 11), Peter Petrelli stopped a vial from breaking that contained a deadly virus. But in the original ending, the vial broke, which launched the second half of episodes for the season under the book title “Outbreak.” The DVD footage will include the other ending, plus the shot footage from unaired episodes 12 and 13.”

Lets hope the series can get back on track after trying to incorporate so many new characters, which by itself is a daunting task, only to add trying to bounce back after a shortened season. Lets get back to what fans want to see, Syler getting his powers back and capping skulls, with some more CURRENT character development. Also, I could go without seeing Hiro on a green-screen sound stage in feudal Japan ever again.

[Heroes: Season 3 begins Monday, September 22, 2008 with a 2 hour premier.]