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Andrew Bird: West-African Musical Forms and Missy Elliot Beats

Andrew Bird is working on two new albums.

Andrew Bird is working on two new albums.

Andrew Bird has confirmed he is busy writing new records; yes, you read correct, plural.

“I listened to my record recently and I’m concerned about how much I like it. This has never happened to me at this stage of making a record. Right about now is usually when I want to scrap the whole thing and start over. In fact, scrapping whole records has become par for the course for me when recording.

…I’ve been meaning to mention that I’ve been working on another record at the same time as this one. It’s supposed to be an instrumental record and I’ve been switching between sessions of the “song” record and this more indulgent ambient experimental record.”

Fantastic news for fans. Check out his full blog post for a clip of a new song titled “Oh No.” Also, this will probably be the only blog post you will ever read with the excerpts “West-African musical forms from ornamental kora music” and “…which has one of the more undeniable beats I’ve heard in a while — one that I’m sure Missy Elliot would lift in a heartbeat.”

[Andrew Bird regularly writes his blog for the New York Times.]