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Times Square: Netflix Movie Marathon Moves In

Guinness World Records and Netflix have moved into Time Square to host the world record movie watching marathon from October 2-7. To break the current world record of 120 hours and 23 minutes, the contestants will watch 56 films clocking in at a little over 121 hours, over 5 days of continuous cinematic bliss. The previous world record holder, Ashish Sharma of India, will be there to defend his title, along with winners of a contest held on the massive social network www.facebook.com. You would think that such film connoisseurs would be watching beautiful artistic films by Ozu, or cult classics such as Reservoir Dogs or Trainspotting, but so far the popcorn flick lineup has been: Iron Man, Best In Show, Ghostbusters, and The English Patient (wait, wtf?). Here’s hoping they choose some classics, after all, there are 52 films left. Pretty ingenious by Netflix; sponsor a Guinness world record event, and have your company name and logo plastered all over Times Square.

Think you could sit through 121 hours of continuous film for $10,000 and world record fame? I would have to catch a cat nap during the scheduled 10 minute bathroom break in between films.

– Ant


What We’re Watching…

The Olympics are here, and for the first time in years, people are proud to be American. Michael Phelps has practically stolen the show, breaking every record (even his own), and now is being called the best Olympian of all time with his 10 (and counting) gold medals. There is so much controversy discussion surrounding this years Olympic games, the side stories are almost as exciting as the actual events: the opening ceremony, fake fireworks, lip-syncing, jail-bait gymnasts, and we have only been through barely one week of the games! Not to mention some of the debauchery that Mr. Bush is getting into, being the first president to ever attend an Olympic games abroad.

Some events I’m watching: Beach Volleyball, Ping-Pong, Synchronized Diving, Gymnastics, Swimming, and Basketball.

All 5 seasons of The Wire are now available on DVD.

The Wire has been considered for some time to be one of the best shows on television. It is odd how under the radar this series has gone for so long. Probably THE most realistic crime drama ever created, The Wire follows a different case every season in the crime-riddled, destitute city of Baltimore. Even if you have a bad taste in your mouth toward the crime drama genre (I can see why, there has been an overabundance of really, really bad crime dramas), The Wire is the only of it’s kind; crime drama as we know it should be retired. Many people are sad the series is over after 5 seasons, but it did go out on top of it’s game, in a time where a lot of shows overstay their welcome (see: X-Files, Knightrider [yes, the revamp, and yes, already], Boy Meets World, and every reality show, ever).

Pineapple Express is in theaters now.

Pineapple Express is in theaters now.

Pineapple Express, the new flick from the Judd Apatow troop, is the latest addition to the stoner/action comedy (wait, what?). Paul Greengrass was an unlikely director choice, with his experience dealing mainly in indie dramas, but this gamble pays off, and Pineapple express is one of the funniest movies of the year. Does it measure up to Superbad or Knocked Up? No, but if you like the Apatow brand of humor, there is no reason you will not have a good time, and no, you don’t have to be a stoner to enjoy this movie though you may enjoy it more if that’s your thing. Not to mention one of the funniest opening scenes in a while, with Bill Hader, you guessed it, smoking a big doobie, saying “Well, sir, I feel like a slab of butter … melting over a big ol’ pile of flapjacks.” Classic. Seth Rogen tries out playing the straight man, and it works, but the film is stolen by James Franco as Saul the endearing drug dealer. Up-n-comer Danny McBride (who you will also see in Tropic Thunder) as Red was no slouch either; you might not know the name, but, two words, “thug life”.

– Ant

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Watchman Trailer…

The blogosphere has been inundated with posting this trailer, and we will be no exception; it’s just THAT good. I was lucky enough to have seen this trailer in glorious IMAX just before seeing The Dark Knight (which, if you get the chance, see this baby in IMAX). Listen for perfect use of the remixed Smashing Pumpkins song ” The Beginning is the End is the Beginning.”

[Watchmen releases March 6, 2009 via Warner Bros.]