News Blast (5/13)

“News Blast” is a new feature where I will highlight some of my favorite news items, whatever they may be, of the day. And what a day to start…

Aziz Ansari, the hilarious comedian from many web videos, and now starring in Parks & Recreation (and being the only reason to watch), went to see the little film not a lot people have heard about yet called Star Trek. He went to see it, like many of us, at an IMAX approved theater. Or so he thought. He goes on a brutal profanity laden tirade citing the reasons why the new “IMAX” screens are anything BUT (much smaller screens/unimpressive sound), even calling out the CEO of IMAX to a televised debate. Awesome.


Arcade Fire recently put out a live DVD, Mirior Noir, and now are releasing a limited edition version with 100% of proceeds going to Partners In Health in Haiti. Details below:

“Strictly limited to 250 copies. All proceeds to Partners In Health.

Miroir Noir Feature + Additional DVD with Extra Material (including Saturday Night Live and Arcade Fire at The BBC).

+ Accordion Folded Panorama and Artcover, Linen Bound Package, Signed by Arcade Fire.

+ Exclusive Limited Edition Hand Silk-Screened Poster Numbered.”

If you have a spare $250 lying around, might as well give it to a good cause, and it’s tax refundable! I broke out my abacus, and when they sell out, it amounts to $62,500 for the charity. Not too shabby for a couple limited edish DVD’s/posters.


Any LOSTie knows the 2-hour finale is tonight, but to encourage discussion of your theories, look to none other than Aint It Cool News’ last LOST post of the season. The comments range from insightful, to insane, to just plain hilarious.

That should tide you over for a while. Jacob is Daniel Faraday. I’m just sayin’.

– Ant


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