What I’m Watching…

Getting back into the swing of things here, finally going to start posting regularly (I promise). I have a lot of back-logged material I want need to share with you! Anyhow, sorry for the absence, and I want to get back to a regular feature: what I’ll be tuning into this week.

daniel-faraday_l1LOST. By far the best series on television right now, LOST is consistently baffling and captivating every week. How did Locke die? Just what in THE hell is the smoke monster? There are a lot of questions gone unanswered, but we are getting a lot of answers we didn’t even know the questions to. Take Daniel Faraday, probably the most interesting charcter on the show at this point, how exactly is he traveling through time? As the series’ end is nearly in sight, we are sure to be getting the answers we have so diligently been seeking for the past 5 years. Check out the talk-back on Ain’t It Cool News for some interesting points/theories about the show. One theory being about the polar bears: perhaps they were used/trained to move the big time-shifting frozen donkey wheel, as evidence colder climate underground and by the remains of a Dharma polar bear being found in the desert. Too many theories to go into; do you have your own?

strike-conan-obrien_lLate Night with Conan O’Brien. Having practically grown up watching our dear Consey in New York, it will definitely be sad to see him go, especially to soul-sucking Los Angeles. This is the last week of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, so it’s a bit sentimental. Hopefully when he takes over the Late Show he won’t lose too much of the goofy gags and childish meanderings we have come to know and love. Like the dynamite chemistry between Conan and Max, the masturbating bear and vomiting Kermit the frog, and the absolute bearded hilarity that ensued during the writers strike. OK, I know the show isn’t the most high-brow of entertainment, but it encompassed my young adult life, and Conan’s self-awareness was so refreshing in the realm of stuck-up entertainers. Be sure to watch the final show this Friday, 2/20, with the final Late Night musical performance by The White Stripes! Good luck in L.A. Cone-zone! Don’t change too much!



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