Reminder: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Consider this your unfriendly reminder, douche bags. The next two weeks is It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia mania; they just rolled out their official blog (which will have more original hilarity), the third season is being released on DVD tomorrow (9/9) and the fourth season begins next week on Thursday, 9/18 at 10p.m. With those of you unfamiliar with the show, it’s not your mom and pop’s sitcom of yesteryear (they thought Archie Bunker was offensive?). FX is known for airing edgy original material, but this show takes the bakery. The show has been described as Seinfeld on crack, being that it is essentially about nothing and the subject matter will almost always offend an ethnic group, women’s rights activists, the homeless, children, your grandmother; OK, they have offended everybody. Hell, they even turned sweet old Mr. Belding into an alleged child molester. What kind of hijinx will the gang get into this year? Will green man be back? Night man?

– Ant


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