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Built To Spill are one of my favorite bands. That being said, listening to their discography, you can’t help but see how they have influenced so many bands of this generation: Band Of Horses, My Morning Jacket, Death Cab For Cutie, and Pedro The Lion, to name a few. Full of memorable riffs, bass grooves, and toe-tapping beats, Built To Spill are the epitome of consistency. There is not one of their albums that is not enjoyable if not fantastic. They are known for their live show, which is truly a showcase for their technical musical abilities. I usually nominate an album per band featured in every edition, but choosing one would be a slight of hand.

My Morning Jacket on tour now.

My Morning Jacket are on tour now.

LIVE: Speaking of My Morning Jacket… Having seen them live on Saturday night at the House of Blues right here in sunny rainy Orlando, FL, I can honestly say, it ranks with the best shows I have had the pleasure to see. I always say, a concert should not just be a band up there playing their songs verbatim, I could do that in my car, they should add something new, show their musical prowess. After all, you are putting on a SHOW. MMJ are the quintessential concert band, going off on 5-10 minute guitar solo tangents, adding entirely new portions to a song, and even mixing songs together. True amazement was awarded when they started playing “Highly Suspicious”, my least favorite MMJ song of all time (bordering hate). How they made that song enjoyable is a true testament to their live presence. 2 sets and 2 1/2 hours later, it was a night I will always remember.

The Spring Standards are brand new to the music scene, and according to their myspace, not even signed to a label yet. To be honest, I saw them on Conan O’Brien (see it below) over the weekend, and let’s just say, I was impressed. For an unsigned band that JUST released their debut EP, No One Will Know, recently performing on Conan as well as a video for Paste Magazine, that is pretty impressive. They bring an onslaught of melody and mixed vocals, not to mention their live presence; each member sings, plays their instrument, and also play a piece of percussion all at the same time. Fun indie pop for the almost ending summer.

– Ant


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