No One Wants the Worlds Largest Record Collection for Even 6% of Its Value

A bit of depressing news for a vinyl/record collector, a man is trying to sell his personal record collection, which was appraised for $50 million, for a mere $3 million. He could not even find any luck on eBay, where people can successfully sell a freaking burnt piece of toast with the Virgin Mary for thousands of dollars. In the midst of the digital age, it seems that the lore of record collecting has lost it’s luster (though it seems there has been a recent re-birth). It IS an expensive hobby, but for those who have collections of their own, it’s a sense of pride, and it used to be a sense of investment in the future. I am sure if he hired a broker of sorts, he could unload most of his gems for a hefty sum, but who do you know that has an extra 3 mil lying around to buy 3 million records. Hell, if you do, give me $3 million, and I will give you a swift and abrupt kick to the crotchal region. Although, you have to feel for the poor guy.

“Paul’s been building his collection for most of his life. He used to run a record store, and while running it he never sold the last copy of any album or single, instead keeping it for his archives. Over the years, those really added up. Now, at an advancing age, stricken with diabetes and legally blind, Paul wants to sell the collection.”

Which begs the question, do people have time for records anymore when you can have your entire catalog in your pocket via iPod?

– Ant


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