Ben Folds new album “leaked”

You have to love a musician these days that is totally self-aware and has a sense of humor to accurately reflect the state of the music industry. Ben Folds has done the unthinkable, he has leaked his own album. Well, yes, it resembles the new album, but he recorded a joke album just to screw with all of us music pirates connoisseurs.

“Singer-songwriter Ben Folds responded to the inevitable leak of his forthcoming album Way To Normal in a unique way: he leaked it himself. Only the songs weren’t real — he spent eight hours recording “fake” versions of six tracks during a late-night Dublin, Ireland session in early July, then let friends work their magic on the Web … “I just think that we all need to remember how to have fun.”

Brilliant. Ben Folds’ sense of humor is of no surprise to any of his fans (umm, “Ben Folds – Bitches Aint Shit“, for one.) Check out clips of some of the fake songs as compared to the real songs.

– Ant

[Ben Folds’ REAL album, Way To Normal, is in stores September 30, 2008.]


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