Radiohead to score Palahniuk’s “Choke”

Radiohead just keeps making headlines, this time because they have written the score to the upcoming film Choke, which is based on the best selling novel by Chuck Palahniuk (see also: Fight Club).

“The Oxford band wrote a song for the final credit sequence of the film, which will be released in November, then agreed to score the rest of the film after seeing a working version of it. Palahniuk told BBC 6music that the film’s director, Clark Gregg, asked Radiohead to get involved because he knew that the writer had been listening to the band’s classic 1992 single ‘Creep’ repeatedly while writing ‘Choke’.”

If you have not read the book, I recommend picking it up before seeing the film; it is a dark, gritty, hilarious story, and Palahniuk comes up with the most adjectives for male genitalia I think in the history of the written word. Choke (click for the red band trailer goods) is to star Sam Rockwell in the title role as the sex freak/colonial townsmen/choke faker. Look for a limited release on September 26, most likely to an art house near you.

– Ant


2 responses to “Radiohead to score Palahniuk’s “Choke”

  1. “Choke” is pretty much my least favorite book from Chuckie. If they REALLY wanted to make a cool piece of cinema… I would say that Willie Nelson do the soundtrack to “Haunted” or The Ghost of Tupac do “Survivor.” NOW THAT would be awesome!

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