Previously On Lost…

Believe it or not, that is a band name. In one of the more humorous and utterly ridiculous notions in recent history, Previously On Lost create music solely based on recapping the previous episode of LOST. A blend of indie rock vocals and electronic music, they have recapitulated every episode of Season 4. This is not good music; although, the lyrics are amusing, and hey, if you need a quick recap, just download the last episode and watch it go to their myspace and have a listen. Even their song titles are humorous, such as “Be My Constant”, “Ballad of Sayid Jarrah”, and “The Island Won’t Let You Die”, which is about any character on the show the now miraculously post-pubescent Walt. If you are an avid watcher of LOST, you will definitely crack a smile at least once. Also, the band promises to not pigeon hold themselves to LOST-only recaps:

“We have a responsibility to recap whatever we can, and not just television either … fans can look forward to future recaps of the New York City Marathon, the 2010 World Cup, a suite of important wars and an emotional recap of photosynthesis.”

– Ant

[Coincidentally, Season 5 of “Previously On Lost” directly coincides with the start of LOST, January 2009.]


One response to “Previously On Lost…

  1. Good stuff guy, I think I might feature them on my blog in the near future.
    – Izi

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